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11 + DIY Ideas to Design a Bottle Cap Mosaic

If you have an artistic bent of mind, then designing a beautiful mosaic with any of the upcycled stuffs would definitely be on your priority list. Bottle caps are certainly one of the ideal choices to make a wonderful mosaic for different occasions. Let us look into the several DIYs that would aid you in making some cool bottle cap mosaic.

How to Make a Bottle Cap Mosaic Table

This intricate design on your center table would beautify it to the fullest.

Bottle Cap Mosaic

An Interesting Idea to Make a Bottle Cap Mosaic Chair

Following instructions in the given tutorial you can make a mosaic chair as shown in the image below. During Christmas, arrange the bottle caps in the shape of Santa Claus or even a Christmas tree to create the festive fervor.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Idea

Decorate your garden path with a bottle cap mosaic design just like one in the image below.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Garden

How to Make a Bottle Cap Mural of a Starry Night

If Van Gogh’s Starry Night fascinates you to the core, then recreating a mural of this artistic genius with bottle caps would indeed be an excellent choice.

Bottle Cap Mural of Starry Night

An artistic wall hanging like this one would enhance your wall décor. You can randomly splash water color for the surrounding landscape and use bottle cap only for the trees to create a splendid visual impact. The intricacies of the picture make it look as natural as a graphic design.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Graphic Design

How to Make a Bottle Cap Mosaic American Flag

It may not be as elaborate as the one depicted here, however the given tutorial would help you design an American flag to commemorate the occasion of 4th of July.

Bottle Cap Mosaic American Flag

You could even cover the major part of a round table with the American flag while the remaining part of it could be decorated with golden or silver-painted caps just as the picture below.

Bottle Cap Table Mosaic

How to Make an Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic

The random arrangement of colorful bottle caps makes it a perfect epitome of modern art.

Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic with Bottle Top

DIY Butterfly Mosaic Project

Another lovely mosaic idea for kids would be to design a cute butterfly as the one shown in the image. Your kids would have a whale of a time in painting the butterfly and sticking the caps on it.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Butterfly

If your kiddo is fascinated by Mario, help him draw out a sketch and then glue bottle caps to it.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Mario

Bottle Cap Mosaic Self Portrait

Well, if you are skilled enough to design a portrait of your own, then your final outcome would be something like the one shown here. The pictorial descriptions in the link would help you in making your portrait or that of anyone’s whom you hero worship.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Self Potrait

The abrupt arrangement of caps with lids of beer bottles or tins is another eye-catching work of art.

Bottle Cap Mosaic with Tin Can Lid

Pretty Mosaic Art for Toddlers

Give your little ones complete liberty to design anything they want, to sharpen their gross motor skills.

Bottle Cap Mossaic Toddler

Easy Bottle Cap Mosaic Craft DIY

Easy Bottle Cap Mosaic

Tutorial to Make a Pretty Beer Bottle Cap Mural for Earth’s Day

This beautiful, scenic presentation would be a perfect Earth’s Day art for your student.

How to Make a Bottle Cap Mural

Bottle Cap Mosaic Fish DIY

Follow the cue from the video link and make a fish like the picture you see below. The fins and gills can be made using cardboard, with beads decoration for a splendid effect.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Fish

Along with bottle caps, you can use any other thing like beads, glitters, colored glass and gemstones to create a spectacular mosaic art for any special occassion.

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