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Crayon Magnets

Crayon Magnets

What You’ll Need:

* Mini Canvases ( I used 2”x 4”)

* Crayons

* Hair Dryer

* Magnet Tape

* Scissors

* Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

* Double Sided Tape

* Piece of Cardboard

How to Make:

1~ Open your pack of mini canvases

2~ On the back of each canvas put small strips of double sided tape and place on the piece of cardboard. This will ensure that your canvases don’t fly away when your start to use the blow dryer.

3~ Pick out your color crayons. I used about 4 shades of each color to give it a bit more depth and dimension.

4~ Shell the crayons

5~ Create a miniature version of  “Crayon Art”. I designated a color for each magnet, but do whatever you want; have fun and go crazy.

6~ Once you’ve got your mini canvases looking the way you want, let them sit and cool for a few minutes.

7~ Prepare your hot glue gun

Note ~

The magnetic tape has adhesive on it, but its not nearly strong enough to hold the magnet

8~ Open your roll of magnetic tape and with it, measure the length of the mini canvas

9~ Cut a piece with your scissors, and continue measuring and cutting until you have 2 strips for each mini canvas.

10~ Take your hot glue gun and apply some glue where the magnet will be

11~ Peel back the adhesive strip on your magnetic tape, and place the magnet on top of the hot glue

Note ~

You’re gonna have to be fairly quick about this because the glue dries pretty quickly.

12~ Continue steps 10 and 11 until all of your magnets are done

13~ Place on the fridge and enjoy!

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