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DIY Frosted Wine Glasses

DIY Frosted Wine Glasses

About a month ago, I was browsing Michaels and came across some Martha Stewart’s glass paint products I had never seen before. I’ve been interested in doing custom wine glasses lately so I decided to try them out. I started this project very optimistically, and with very high hopes, but once I started I was sooooo disappointed. In the end, I figured out how everything worked, but her instructions left me quite confused and irritated to say the least. I litterally wanted to scream because nothing was working. I looked on the back of  the box for instructions but they were so vague that it didn’t help at all. I ruined about three wine glasses before I got the hang of it, but once everything started to work, I became really excited and was ultimately happy with the outcome! As always, I tried to be as detailed, and include as many pictures as possible so that you can be excited and not irritated when making your new custom glasses.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

What You’ll Need :

~ Wine Glasses

~ 1 Inch Masking Tape

~ Martha Stewart Stenciling Tape (Small)

~ Stickers (if you want different shapes)

~ Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit

~ Martha Stewart Frosted Glass Paint

~ Latex Gloves

~ X-acto Knife

~ Newspaper

~ 99% Rubbing Alcohol

~ Q-tips

~ Paper Towels

Note~ All Paints are non toxic and can be dishwashed on the top rach once cured.

Stenciling Instructions:

1~ Wash your wine glasses with soap and water and dry with a paper towel. Dampen a new paper towel with rubbing alcohol and give the exterior of your wine glass a nice rub down to make sure it’s clean.

2~ Put on some latex gloves, so you don’t get your fingerprints all over you nice clean wine glass.

3~ Grab your masking tape and your first wine glass. Place the tape at the very top of the glass. Pull the tape tight in your left hand, and roll the wine glass to the right with your right hand. While you’re wrapping, make sure that the top of the tape is staying nice and flush with the top of the glass. Once you’ve gone completely around the top of the glass, rip the tape. Make sure the bottom edge of the tape is nice and straight.

If you want to create different striped patterns, alternate between masking tape and Martha Stewarts stencil tape. If you have problems with smoothing the edges as the glass curves, use the super thin Martha Stewarts pattern tape along the edges. Since its smaller, it makes a smooth line around the curves. Once you get one down it’s a lot easier for the subsequent glasses… Don’t be afraid to waste some tape trying different designs and getting it down. Remember not to smudge your glasses (wear gloves or make sure the glass is clean on the last ones)

If you want polka dots, find some round stickers and place them on your wine glass instead of tape.

4~ Take your masking tape and cover the top of the wine glass so you don’t get any paint inside. Trim the edges with your exacto knife… Careful not to scratch the glass or cut yourself 😛

5~ Continue making your patterns until all of your wine glasses are complete.

Mixing Instructions:

1~ Open your Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit. Inside you will find a spray bottle, an empty plastic measuring bottle, a gloss spray medium and a small plastic tube.

2~ Take the tube and attach it to the spray bottle.

3~ Pick up the frosted paint color of your choice, and take off the top. Squeeze some paint into the measuring bottle supplied by the  spray kit. Tap the bottle on the table to flatten out the paint. That way you know how much spray medium to add.

Note~ If your going to change colors, don’t put a ton of paint in. I put enough in to get halfway to the first measurement line.

4~ The mixture ratio is 1:1, so add about the same amount of spray medium as you did paint. The consistencies of the two liquids are very different, so it can be hard to eyeball it.

Note~ the more mixer you put in, the lighter the color will be.

5~ Put the cap on the bottle and shake until the paint, and the spray medium are completely mixed together.

Note~ Don’t shake the bottle when attached to the spray bottle!

6~ Once the fluids are mixed, you can attach the spray bottle.

7~ If you haven’t already, lay out some newspaper to cover your workspace. The paint is non toxic, so you can spray it indoors or out, just make sure to protect your workspace from paint splatter.

8~ Before you start spraying, make sure to line the red spray nozzle, with the Y shaped notch at the bottom of the spray bottle. If you don’t do this, you’re gonna have a bad time….. I’ve been there 🙁

Application Instructions:

1~ If all of your glasses are going to be the same color, then you can start them all at one time. If you plan on changing colors, then start with your first glass. Place the top of your glass down onto your workspace.

2~ Hold the spray bottle about 10-12 inches away from your wine glass, and slightly tilt it.

Note~ You DO NOT want to tilt the bottle more than 45 degrees, or it won’t spray

3~ Start spraying, moving side to side and slowly in a downward pattern. Turn the glass around and spray the other side… Try to keep the same distance and spray flow.

4~ Let the paint almost completely dry before adding another coat. When you think you’ve waited long enough, wait another ten minutes. Almost all of my wine glasses have drips in them because I wasn’t patient. You will probably add about three or four coats of frost paint to each glass

5~ With the paint almost dry, but still wet, CAREFULLY remove the tape. If you’re not careful you will smudge it, and be a very unhappy crafter!

Note~ Don’t let the paint dry completely or it will rip off when you remove the tape. I ruined two glasses because I waited too long… Its a fine line, use your judgement.

6~ Once all the tape is off, let the glasses dry overnight. Don’t try to clean up any smudges when the paint is still wet

Color Change Instructions:

1~ Take your spray can and bottle over to the sink.

2~ Remove the measuring bottle from the spray bottle and rinse it with water until all the paint is removed.

3~ Fill the measuring bottle with water, and place the tube connected to the spray can into the bottle.

4~ Spray into the sink until you don’t see anymore color, or until the tube is clear again.

Clean Up/ Touch up Instructions:

1~ After your wine glasses have dried overnight, grab a Q-tip and 99% rubbing alcohol.

2~ Dip the Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol, and then apply to any smudges of paint that were left by the tape

3~ Continue until all the smudges are removed

4~ Place the glasses in the cool oven, and then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Its important that you place the glasses in the oven when its cool, so they dont break from the heat shock. OR you can let the wine glasses air cure at room temperature for 21 days….

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