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Paint Chip Wall

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had this weird phobia of white walls. There’s something about a bare white wall that’s cold and uninviting, like a doctors office. After rearranging our main room, I was stuck with this big white, ugly wall. Something had to be done. When trying to decide what color to pain the front room, my wall became cluttered with different paint samples and inspiration struck! I knew it was going to be quite a challenge, but challenge accepted! 3 days, hundreds of paint chips, and $5O in tape and my masterpiece was complete.

Step 1. Raid Home Depot
I went to a couple of places to get my paint chips, but Home Depot had the best selection by far. Grab a bunch of EVERY color, and when you think you have enough, grab some more. Its better to have a few too man than to not have enough

Step 2. Find Your Adhesive

I played with a few different types of adhesive to see which was the strongest and quickest to use. Photo double-sided mounting tape was by far the most effective tool. I also really liked Glue Dot’s “lines”, however the heat towards the ceiling decreases the adhesives effectiveness.

Step 3. Tape and Place
This is the fun part! It’s like an extreme version of Tetris. Let your creativity be your guide!!

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